1. When you guys start blogging?
   8 March 2013
2. What inspire you to make this blog?
   We love to read other fashion or beauty magazines and blogs and think for a moment why don't we make our own blog, as a team and bestfriend
3. Why you guys make this blog?
   Cause we want to share what'shave we been into and this blog is kind of like a diary for us
4. Do you always wear your own clothes?
   Mostly yes
5. Where do you get the photos on your blog from?
   Mostly we take photos by ourselves, if there's photo frm others we'll give cc
6. Why your blog title is "Style Affection"?
  We have an affection towards fashion and we think it suits us
7. What would you do if you get bad comments?
   Ofc we'll be sad but thankyou for the comments, we hope that we can be better in the near future
8. Would you check my blog?
   Of course we would love to, comment on our post and we'll check your blog
9. Why don't you follow me back?
   Sometimes our blog / post doesn't relate each other but that doesn't mean your blog is bad
10. How to get a follow back?
   Follow and comment on our blog then we will check your blog, but we not guarantee a followback

If there're more questions related to our personal info, check out about us page and feel free to email us here: ayestyleaffection@gmail.com

Thankyouu! xx
Style Affection

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