May 24, 2013

Play my side

Yelooww everyone, sorry for not update this blog as usual cause well we ain't got anything to post abt. You know we're in highschool, test and hw keep coming 'till holiday time. Can't wait 'till summer holidayy aight? its always summer here in Bali, haha

I think I won't post much 'till the holiday or aft tht too, cause my mid-term results doesn't come out as good as I expect, but it doesn't so bad too. Anw I think I need to study harder this time, for next week exam. Goodluck to me XD

Sorry there's only 2 photos (lazy to take photos, hehe). 2 weeks ago, I went to Pandawa beach with my cousins. Its kind of crowded on tht Saturday. It was the first time I knew there's a beach called Pandawa but its not so far tho.

@deeshoppes cat ear headband
We order it frm our friend (dewi) her sister and she manage the shop together. As you can tell, so me and delicia got the same headband, lol.
"Rock your own style and dance to your own beat"
Always be yourself! xx
Fenny Valentine

May 17, 2013

White and Jeans

Hey yo fellas! How yeur all doin?

Well today imma tell you bout what usually I wear when i'm hang with friends or someone else. Uh, I usually use a simple outfits that match the place where I'd go. So, you can't guess. Lol.

People said (especially my parents, even my dad too!! Am I that terrible?) i'm not good at mix and match clothes. Well I dont think so! that's not true everybody!! Lol. You could say that i'm too confidence, but really, I dont even care. Watch this one out!

Well not. Honestly, I would be GReaT! If.... I got a GReaT body too. Obviously. Huh yeah thats da problem. Poor me. I'm so jealouss with all my besties! Delicia, Fenny, and Felicia. They're just that GReaT!!😉😘

Umm so, yesterday I went shopping with my mum and dad (I think thats okay, right?) I bought some new stuff and yeahh thats my day! I spend aroud IDR 700.000+ for all my new stuff. Huh, i'm gonna bankrupt this month. Lame.

I bought an outer white vest which cost IDR 500.000 --.....-- and also a jeans and long sleeve shirt. Huh lucky me my dad is on his good mood, so he bought me that white vest! So i'm not pay for that vest. Yay! I felt so happy! Lol.

Well, here's the detail 😘
White vest : Stradivarius
Short jeans : New Look
Long sleeve : Surfer Girl

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Lots love!
Cindy Cnd ❤️ 

May 7, 2013

Feminine Gothic

Soooo people!
Yo waddup! Hahahahha
So recently i kinda realize maybe i'm too girly or you can say as feminine.

So in this post i decided to a bit more to gothic.

I used an eyeliner, glasses and a cropped front dress.


Dress: random store.
Belt: random store.
Gladiator sandal: random store.
Bag: (here)
Eyeliner: maybelline.

So what do you guys think?
Hehehe :)

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With love,
Delicia Christabell xoxo

May 5, 2013


 Do you know wht is houndstooth? I think all of you knew it already, right?
Its a new trend since this early year, well but this month Kenzo tiger sweatshirt took the first place already! trend of fashion rolls so quick dont you think? haha

 The top is too big for me (loose effect) but I like it, its soo comfyyy.
My shorts looks has laces at the bottom of the shorts and also soft and comfy, I think everything in this outfit all so comfyy! lol 

I moustache you!
Moustache and UK combined, its kewl (rotfl XD) I had this necklace for almost a year now, just found it in with all other accesories in the box, haha
Cause the top is plain (only one patterns) I think add a necklace is a must, well for me. If you like bracelets or bangles it may look good too :D since I'm dont have tht much of bracelets and I dont like wearing them, I'll wear them depends on my mood >< so yeah (random little story frm me)
Houndstooth top: @deeshoppes 
Lace shorts: Store in Malay
Postman bag: (mom)
UK moustache necklace: Online shop (FB)
Polkadot wire headband: Strawberry

  Byeee, photo treat below XD oh and one thing, check out my polyvore ;)

Enjoy every moment in your life! xx
Fenny Valentine

May 4, 2013

Favourite Song

What you enjoy when you feel down and can't stand?

Everyone has they're own favourite.
What about favourite music or song?

Most people enjoy music when they feel sad or desperate to make themself feel better. Like me too, I listen to my favourite song when I get bored or stuff.

Right fellas, my favourite song is 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved' by The Script.
It such a great song when the first time I heard it. I know I fall in love at the first sight with this song. Lol. My friend called Nick recommend it to me. Hahaha.
Really, go check for that guys! You'll not regret it!

And so, my favourite band #1 is Westlife!!! I've been so in love with this band since 2006!! They're so greatt! I've made a playlist of all their song in my phone! All of their song! I really love the quality of their song and voices. Damn amazing! I also have any other fav bands , its Simple Plan and Secondhand Serenade (especially Fall For You! Amazinn!!). That's 3 bands will forever be my favourite!

Right guys, so what's yours? ;)

Thats for all guys!
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Hope you all like it!

Lots of love,
Cindy Cnd ❤️

May 1, 2013

First attempt

The trick is to enjoy life, dont wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead - unknown

 Do you guys know where is this?
Its.. Beachwalk!! A mall that's located in Kuta, Bali
The photo above its the foodcourt centre, looks nice yeaa :p

 That day (23 April) I went there cause I heard there's a new movie called "Oblivion". I've already watched the trailer and I think maybe I should try to watch it soon, and few days aft me and my fam decided to watch it together.

Well I think the movie hmm.. so so (if you know wht I mean) lol XD

Source: internet
For lunch we ate at Bonchon chicken, the cinema is beside them, so its so easy to search for the place if you dont know where. Their friedchicken is recommended! their restaurant is originated in South korea.

  Dinner or well snack time I think cause its only 5pm there. We went to Nanny's pavillon. Love the menu btw, its like children story kind of book XD

Nanny's pavillon is a French American pancake resto, try it out if you haven't. Recommended!

Source: internet

Mangooo ^^

 We order 2 blueberry pancakes, yumm :p the cream cheese inside and blueberry sauce, lovee it to the max! We order melonade, mint smthn (forgot the name), and chicken smthn (forgot too) hehe.

This's the mint smthn, lol
So as the quote says..
Enjoy every moment in your life! xx
Fenny Valentine