May 5, 2013


 Do you know wht is houndstooth? I think all of you knew it already, right?
Its a new trend since this early year, well but this month Kenzo tiger sweatshirt took the first place already! trend of fashion rolls so quick dont you think? haha

 The top is too big for me (loose effect) but I like it, its soo comfyyy.
My shorts looks has laces at the bottom of the shorts and also soft and comfy, I think everything in this outfit all so comfyy! lol 

I moustache you!
Moustache and UK combined, its kewl (rotfl XD) I had this necklace for almost a year now, just found it in with all other accesories in the box, haha
Cause the top is plain (only one patterns) I think add a necklace is a must, well for me. If you like bracelets or bangles it may look good too :D since I'm dont have tht much of bracelets and I dont like wearing them, I'll wear them depends on my mood >< so yeah (random little story frm me)
Houndstooth top: @deeshoppes 
Lace shorts: Store in Malay
Postman bag: (mom)
UK moustache necklace: Online shop (FB)
Polkadot wire headband: Strawberry

  Byeee, photo treat below XD oh and one thing, check out my polyvore ;)

Enjoy every moment in your life! xx
Fenny Valentine

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