May 1, 2013

First attempt

The trick is to enjoy life, dont wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead - unknown

 Do you guys know where is this?
Its.. Beachwalk!! A mall that's located in Kuta, Bali
The photo above its the foodcourt centre, looks nice yeaa :p

 That day (23 April) I went there cause I heard there's a new movie called "Oblivion". I've already watched the trailer and I think maybe I should try to watch it soon, and few days aft me and my fam decided to watch it together.

Well I think the movie hmm.. so so (if you know wht I mean) lol XD

Source: internet
For lunch we ate at Bonchon chicken, the cinema is beside them, so its so easy to search for the place if you dont know where. Their friedchicken is recommended! their restaurant is originated in South korea.

  Dinner or well snack time I think cause its only 5pm there. We went to Nanny's pavillon. Love the menu btw, its like children story kind of book XD

Nanny's pavillon is a French American pancake resto, try it out if you haven't. Recommended!

Source: internet

Mangooo ^^

 We order 2 blueberry pancakes, yumm :p the cream cheese inside and blueberry sauce, lovee it to the max! We order melonade, mint smthn (forgot the name), and chicken smthn (forgot too) hehe.

This's the mint smthn, lol
So as the quote says..
Enjoy every moment in your life! xx
Fenny Valentine

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