November 2, 2013

Happy halloween!! (Delicia's ver)

Hi guys!! Happy halloween!!
So what costumes did you wear?
Is it hard or simple? Rent it or diy?
Well, i rent mine. Its because i'm too lazy even though i could've just make it.

So i'm being an asian Harley Quiin!

I dressed up at school. Well my school's party was awesome!! Totally rock.

So anyways, here's the photo with The joker!

I was so tired from the party. It was fun!!!!
Like so much fun.

So, i guess thats my post. A really simple and fast post just wanted you guys to know what i wore.

Still, Happy Halloween!!!

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With love,
Delicia xo!

September 20, 2013

FALL season

In this post i'm giving a lil tips on how to style for fall season.
I know indonesia only have 2 seasons.
No FALL. But from people i knew they told me how fall feels like.

So in fall season we'll want to wear warm and comfy clothes. Sooooo....

Taadaa. I came out with this.
So i think that in fall we'll want deep or aka dark colours.
I got the top and bottom from korean random store.
The bottom i used was like a legging but combined with a skirt. So 2in1 lol.
And the snapback from DC originals.

Matched it up with an owl necklace. 
why was the snapback out of the colour? Well, we dont wanna stuck in dark colours so we need something to add more.


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Delicia xo

Back later on

Hodwy guys? :D how was your school weeks been so far?
On this post I'm still going to post abt my last summer holiday :3 dont be envy, haha
Just a quick and short post so readdd
Oh yeaa currently I'm active on polyvore this past weeks, and if you guys want to see what I did, check it out here.

Kungfu panda said Good morning!! ^^

My brother hates it when he have to take photos, lol
 All people who came by USS usually took photos here right? just the watermark of them.
Just look at his face -_-its hot and chop chop, let's go inside pleasee

Remember them? Fairy godmother and her.. son? idk his name, haha

I wanted to try it so badd, but no one brave enough to accompany me. Maybe next time Galactica XD

I hv had a really great time there even me and my family ride the transformer ride 3D two times (we tried almost everything). Oh and The mummy ride was like scary but soo fun, cause I like roller coaster (plus its indoor) but the dark and the mummy part kind of scared me. I met betty boop, kungfu panda, elmo and street sesame friends, and may moree~

Sorry just a few photos ><
I think you guys already bored of USS, lmfao!

Enjoy your school time and make the best! xx
Fenny Valentine

Favourite Casual Dress

Nah yo fellas,
I am back!
So, I'd like to tell you guys a bit of something that I love..

When there's a party, and its not really formal, and the dress code is lollipop, what will you wear?

Of course for most of people that just have few dresses, will stressed out when this happen. Like me, for example. Lol.

So I decided to take out all what I have and put it on my bed (that makes me easier).
I found some cool stuff like shorts, bustier, vests, skirt, dresses (most of my dress are black tho), coat, hat, shirt, and more stuff. Time to mix and match up.
Fyi, like 97% of my clothes are black and white. Lol.

I took the skirt (which is black), my mint bustier, and also a belt from my lovely mom and started to combine it.

I look so terrible in that mint bustier! Look so huge and fat! Oh gosshh! Lol!
So I took a baby blue cardigan and wear it. But I think thats too much and the colours are not in.

I think and think while searching for the right one that fits and looks good.
And I'm finally found it! Yay!!

I wear my bustier combine with my black skirt and my belt, make my hair as good as possible, put my make up on (it doesn't look so clear in the photos ><), wear my precious wedges, and for the last touch, I get my white vest on. That's look better ;)

Ps: I still look like a big monster tho. Lol! :p

-Mint bustier : random online shop
-Black skirt : New Look
-White belt: Mom
-White vest : Stradivarius
-Wedges : New Look
-Make up ideas : my lovely bestie Delicia Christabell ;D

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Lots Love,
Cindy Cnd :)

September 19, 2013

Lovely Peach

Yep you can already guess it from the title.
So, in this post i'm showing my peach dress that i think its very lovely.

I had to edit the photo cause its actually dark, but that made you guys can't see the textures of the dress (whoops).

Its very crouded with textures so i didn't put any long neklace but i used my short cross necklace.

I paired it with my nickhicio gladiator also but i forgot to take pictures. :(

Peach dress: random store in Jakarta. (You can actually find it in any online shops).
Neklace: F&C.

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With love,
Delicia xo