September 20, 2013

Back later on

Hodwy guys? :D how was your school weeks been so far?
On this post I'm still going to post abt my last summer holiday :3 dont be envy, haha
Just a quick and short post so readdd
Oh yeaa currently I'm active on polyvore this past weeks, and if you guys want to see what I did, check it out here.

Kungfu panda said Good morning!! ^^

My brother hates it when he have to take photos, lol
 All people who came by USS usually took photos here right? just the watermark of them.
Just look at his face -_-its hot and chop chop, let's go inside pleasee

Remember them? Fairy godmother and her.. son? idk his name, haha

I wanted to try it so badd, but no one brave enough to accompany me. Maybe next time Galactica XD

I hv had a really great time there even me and my family ride the transformer ride 3D two times (we tried almost everything). Oh and The mummy ride was like scary but soo fun, cause I like roller coaster (plus its indoor) but the dark and the mummy part kind of scared me. I met betty boop, kungfu panda, elmo and street sesame friends, and may moree~

Sorry just a few photos ><
I think you guys already bored of USS, lmfao!

Enjoy your school time and make the best! xx
Fenny Valentine

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