September 20, 2013

FALL season

In this post i'm giving a lil tips on how to style for fall season.
I know indonesia only have 2 seasons.
No FALL. But from people i knew they told me how fall feels like.

So in fall season we'll want to wear warm and comfy clothes. Sooooo....

Taadaa. I came out with this.
So i think that in fall we'll want deep or aka dark colours.
I got the top and bottom from korean random store.
The bottom i used was like a legging but combined with a skirt. So 2in1 lol.
And the snapback from DC originals.

Matched it up with an owl necklace. 
why was the snapback out of the colour? Well, we dont wanna stuck in dark colours so we need something to add more.


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With love,
Delicia xo

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