April 27, 2013

The way we eat

Now there're so many concept of eating healthy that can make body healthrier and reduced weight.
One of them is called Food Combining! Its a diet trend these days.
(source: kawankumagz.com)

Diet Trend: Food Combining
-For weight and health
Food combining is one of diet concept that was introduced by Dr. William Howard Hay from US. At first he try this method by himself to reduce his own weight. Further research, if we use this method correctly it can free us from severe disease.
Food combining concept has a fact that in every food group has it own digest time. Cause if we consume one food group, nutrients can be absorbed better.
-Food group
 Food combining diet don't suggest us to eat rice, side dishes, vegetable, and fruit at once on 1 meal. Cause every food group that has to digest need different enzymes.
Dr. Stanley Bass suggest to eat food that contains lots of water first (water, fruits, etc) then continue to eat the other food.
-Let's combine
If you want to try food combining, we can try some simple combinations that have been recommended by experts.
1. Eat fruits 2 hours bfr your meal
2. Dont combine high minerals fruits like melon or watermelon with other fruits like banana or papaya
3. Eat rice and meat alternately, its says to better eat meat first then rice or potato
4. Say goodbye to sweet dessert, better to eat dessert as a snack
 Because the main concept of food combining is to make it easier for the process of digestion, so its required for us to chew food thoroughly bfr swallowed it.

Do you think when we want to go on a diet, we should probably stop or change the foods that we consume?
Bfr buy everything that has label "no fat, less sugar, no calories, healthy", its better to set a preview of what's the benefits of the foods that we eat.

Maybe we're wrong for all this time and our weight could gain more and more, oh noo!
(source: kawankumagz.com)

1. Sushi
Stop eating burger and go for sushi? its not correct at all! cause the reason that in every serving of sushi has, rice, salmon, and seaweed can contains 120 calories. When there's extra cream cheese, mayonnaise, etc sushi can contains 500 calories per serving. Same calories as BigMac McDonald's. If you want to stay healthy go for plain sashimi without any mayo or sauce instead.

2. Frozen yoghurt
It looks so good o_o
Change your habit by eating frozen yoghurt rather than ice cream, its not good when you're on diet. I read that ice cream and frozen yoghurt has the same kind of nutrions. So if you want to diet, try to decreased the portion on every serving. Eat half cup of ice cream is more satisfiying than one full cup of frozen yoghurt.

3. Free fat flavour yoghurt
I've tried blackcherry flavor once ^^
Try to drink yoghurt instead of milk is a good choice for your digestion but not if you want to reduce your weight. Cause "free fat" yoghurt flavor has a high sugar content in it. Fatty doesn't make you fat but can cause a weight gain. So if you want to change the habit by drinking yoghurt its better to choose a plain yoghurt. If you want it to have fruit flavor, just some slice fresh fruits and add into your yoghurt :p

4. Fruit cocktail
If you drink fruit cocktail instead of soda, its the right option and healthier. But unfortunately it just the same as other can beverages. In one glass of fruit cocktail it contains 110 calories and 26g of sugar. So its better to make your own fruit juice or eat fresh fruit straighly.

5. Dried fruit
I dont like raisins >.<
To equalize the fiber your body need maybe some of us think to consume dried fruit. However it contains much sugar and sulphur. Sugar and sulphur are chemicals that make dried fruit last longer. So for the best its better to eat fresh fruit such ad banana or apple. Cause dried fruit contains 3 times sugar more than fresh fruit.

6. Organic snacks
I tried apple snacks bfr but I prefer to eat fresh apple directly :3
Nowdays there're many markets that sell glutten free or organic snacks. For organic food like vegetable or fruit it is better than non-organic. But for packaged snack, food that're labelled glutten free or organic doesn't guarantee if its healthy or not.

 Always be thankful! xx
Fenny Valentine

April 26, 2013

Yay or Nay?

So call me crazy or whatever but i loooove to mix and match outfits.

So recently my dad just bought me a new shirt from pull&bear and he bought the same shirt 2 for me and him. Since he's a guy he obviously took the shirt from the boys section.

He got me a M sized shirt. Its a boy shirt, what can i do? Its really over-sized for me but i looove this shirt! Its mint coloured.

So i just had an idea to tucked my shirt in.
It worked and i also wore solemio's skirt that match perfectly.

I don't know what you guys think buttttt, Yay or Nay?

Here's the details:

 Top: pull&bear.
Skirt: solemio.
Watch: Fossil.
Bracellets: random store.
Glasses: @kittyshop3 (ig).

So? Yay or Nay? :)

Hehe hope this inspires!

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With love,
Delicia Christabell xoxo

April 23, 2013

Capture your eyes

 When you meet someone for the first time, what do you see first?

For me the answer is probably eyes.
First impression may be very important to every person and therefore I think eyes is important :D
Anna Sui - Liquid Eye Shadow~

A shimmering eyeshadow in “liquid powder” form Easily melts into eyelid like a fluid with long lasting hold No creasing or causing skin to dry out Makes the eyes sparkle with freshness & light Allows a subtle or intense makeup look Dermatologist tested.
An amazingly easy to use eye shadow in liquid form. Apply this deep color pearly eye colors as a base, as eyeliner, mix with one another, just simply anyway you want that fits with your mood.

Sorry I cant take a photos with this two items, and I cant find any photo from internet with this items too.

  Bourjois Paris - Metallic Eyeliner~ 
Intense waterproof metallic eye pencils

 To create maximum impact at a party, dazzle everyone with a flash of metallic colour on your eyes, with these waterproof metallic pencils. Whether you want to match your eye makeup to your new shiny dress, or make intense eye contact with the party guests, your eyes will not go unnoticed!

Bleu clinquant 54
Gamme metallisé
To test the item, I make 3 thin lines on my wrist.

First line, I give small amount of water
Second line, I dont do anything with the second line
Third line, I smudge it out
and the result is..

Little tips: Apply in a precise line, just at the base of your lashes to define your look or add a line to the inside rim of the eye for intensity.

"Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart"

Always be thankful! xx
Fenny Valentine

April 21, 2013

Natural Teen

Sooooo alot of you guys have been using wayyyy heavy make up these days.

And that reminds me as a teenager, we need our inner beauty to shine and also stop using too much of eyeliners.

Actually, without those things you can always look good.

The other day i went to beachwalk with my sissy and i actually dont really like using heavy make up that will ruin my face without daily treatment.

So to you guys who really loves using make up, theres absolutely nothing wrong with it.

But sometimes when we took off our make up, our face will looked like its totally pale.

So today im goin to post on how to put light make up, simple, easy and not really need those daily treatment.

I sometimes use a bb cream to freshen up my face that looks soooo pale.

The bb cream i'm using is etude's.
And also i add a very thin eyeliner.
(If you ask me i rather use a pencil / pen eyeliner size 0.5 mm -> if you can use with a normal size then its ok.)

So the trick is very simple.

1. Put on the bb cream.

2. Use a powder if you want or just continue by using the eyeliner. All you need to do on this section is just make a thin eyeliner with sharp shape on the end.

3. Use a blush on.

4. Use the sparkling (uncolour) blush on.

5. Finally, use the lipgloss!! Mine is from MAC. (Final touch).

So heres some of my picture when i went to beachwalk and some of the cloths details!

Eyeliner: maybelline.
Blush on: The Body Shop.
sparkling (uncolour) blush on: lily cole - the body shop.
Lipgloss: MAC.
Bb cream: Etude's.
Top: forever 21.
Skirt: @rapswardrobe (ig).

I'm sorry if you cant see my eyeliner clearly, its because i wore it for hours.
Its good cause its water proof and long lasting.

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With love,
Delicia Christabell xoxo

April 20, 2013

Asfjklfdljhk 1500k ♡

Thankyouu awesomers (that word exist?) for your views, much lovee!

I want to tell you my excuse, so when this blog reached 1000k viewers I cant post somethin special so now instead of sayin' sorry and else I'll post something differently from any of my previous post, how to rock my cardi but with 2 different style.
How awesome it sounds? lolol XD

1st - Casual and fun

I let my hair down and bring a cardi with me. I read somewhere, cardi/outer might or may be handy whenever you go. Well if the weather gets hot, wear it so you can protect your skin from the sun, if the weather gets windy or cold wear it so you will warm. Fairly efficient yea? 

Give it a try wont you? It can give your whole outfit a plus point too I think. Ex, you want to look different or I called it special, but dont wanna look overdress so my advice is try on an outer that can make add smthn more to your whole look.
Ps. dont forget to make sure your outer is not only stylish but also comfy.

If your bag is too small for your outer then just throw it on your back (then walk like a model, hahaha)
In the past if I go to somewhere cold I'll always tie my jacket around my waist, yea back then but now I think uhh nonono I dont really like it anymore. Idk why haha :p
2nd - Simple and Smart 

Wear your cardi, take off your bracelet, tie your hair, take off the belt, and... here's the look

Maybe this second look is kind of feminine, dont you think so?

For this one, I rolled my cardi sleeves 'till the elbow part. For my hair, well you cant really see my hair but I tied it into a high side bun then wear a headband XD

I changed my pink studded bracelet with this 2 pearl bracelets, yess I think it match with my outfit haha. I also think to wear a necklace, but the less the better right? I dont like complicated or complex looks so I go without any necklace. 
 And when you see this photo, dont you think it looks simplier than the first one?

Girl print top: Brasco - Egoist
Cardi: @deeshoppes (ig)
Pearl bracelets: (mom)
Pink studded bracelet: (gift)
 Headband: Strawberry

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Oh and tell me which look do you like more? :D

Just little touch up there, I dont like to wear much make up since my skin tends to get sensitive quickly and we're still young( dont want it to look cakey)! ;) dont use make up too thick. Oftentime, less is more. Well but its your right, and dont forget be gentle.

Well the weather this past week is just so bad and since monday I've caught a flu x_x anyway take care guyss

Byeee and..
Always be thankful! xx
Fenny Valentine

April 19, 2013

Diet recipe?

-eat like a queen in the morning, eat like a rich people in the afternoon, and eat like beggar in the night. -

Have you guys ever heard that word before? If you have then you know where are those words from.

Yes, it is from Dream High. Korean's drama.

So talking about diet i am very inspired.
Some people does not have a good confidence as the others.
As well as i may say, you always wanna have diet.

Actually from what i've heard and seen, some of you think that diet need sacrifices.

I disagree with that. If you wanna have diet, then all you need to do is having fun. Enjoy the things you eat.

Heres some tips i wanna give you guys.

1. In the morning eat properly like breads. Pancakes, waffles and others also drink a very relaxing cup of tea or milk. It is very guarantee. (Please dont skip this one. Breakfast is very important.)

Did you guys know? Eating eggs in the morning helps your brain concentrate more. So sandwich is good also.

2. In the afternoon all you eat for lunch is very important. It gives you energy when you do some things. (So eating lunch with lots of amount is actually important and definitely better not to be skipped.)

Basically, lunch is your last rice/junkfood/food you are goin to eat.

3. In the night all you need to do is just eat fruits. And if you really are hungry milk might help. Please the lowfat (if you can) i know it taste weird but you need effort for diets.

 Warning: last dinner should be at 5 or 6 o clock. Eating breads like brownies is very not recommended. It contains lots of sugars.

I tried this diet recipe of mine and do some exercises also and lost 3-4kg in 5-6months.
From 53kg until 49kg.

And i very recommend for you guys to drink mineral water instead of vitamin water, coke, and others that are the same kind.

Hehe, enjoy!! :)

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With love,
Delicia Christabell xoxo

April 16, 2013

Ready to flow

That day (14 Apr) I was supposed to go to church on Sunday 1 o'clock, but unfortunately it was cancelled -_- Cause the driver that was supposed to pick me and my brother up cant come, due to smthn else. Its just so zzz (if you know wht I mean) also you know what I've already woke up at 9, took a shower, ate breakfast, and waiting for like half an hour.

Anyway I need to cheer up, haha so I took some shots of my outfit :p so forget abt my story and let the photos speak.

Whatcha think? is it dress? or probably just top and skirt?
If you guess num2, its correct! haha. Its an orange collar top with a black lace skirt :p
Kind of remind me with petite school girl like :3

You know what, hmm sorry to say but I really forgot where did I bought this outfit from TT.TT

Where did I look -_-
Btw do you realize that you have seen this bag somewhere bfr? well you've probably seen them here ;)
Noww let me tell you a secret, the reason why the photos are a bit blurry cause I took it without timer (awesome -_-) Idk where's the timer on my tab and I'm lazy to ask somebody to help me took a picture haha

QOTD: No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each day thankful for it.
Well you dont know maybe there're peoples outhere trying to survive and cant do anything, but you're here and enjoying your lovely day so dont forget to..

Always be thankful! xx
Fenny Valentine