April 11, 2013

Who says

Hei yo, fellas!
So today I wanna share a lil bit of my tiring daily life.

I don't know why I was born to be kinda fatty or most people call this 'chubby'.
Well, I don't really know whats the different between fatty and chubby. So here I'm just saying those are the same.

Well, since I was baby I already dat big.
So no wonder that now I'm 74kg!
Wooaahh! Imagine thats 74kg with height 175cm! Ckckck. Smh, lol.

Most people told me that I'm not that big.
But.. What all I'm thinkin is they're just lying at me. Lol. I don't know why, its just a feeling. I more more like it when they tell da truth like 'well you better eat less, you look lil bit more chub'. Thats more more better. Lol :3

Honestly sometimes I felt minder with this kind of situation, so I decided to do diet..
Everyday after school, I'm going to the gym where's located in a hotel.
I spend 3-4hours/day in that gym to do anything that makes me sweat.
I do 3hours of treadmill and 1hours cycling. Well, so far its goin good and I love it! :3
Yeaahh workout fellas!!!!
But, huh, still, tiring dayyss!! Lol ;)

Yesterday I go to the hotel named 'W' hotel. Such a unique name. I'm going for a tea time (or we -my famz- called it wine time, lol) with my mom and sistas and we're having fun!

I worn a cardigan and a mint bustier combine with a black skirt. If you know me well, you must feel shocked. Cuz I never wear a skirt before except for school uniforms. Surprise!!! Loll!! :P
Well honestly I feel like, 'who said big body's has a matter to fashion?'. Lol.
Lemme say, if you have a great taste of fashion, all da sh*t is doesn't really matter! Hahaha yeahh really! =))

So here is the pict and the detail~

Baby blue cardigan : @deeshoppes (ig)
Mint bustier : @littlethingstoshop (ig)
Black skirt : New Look (store)
Blue flats : I don't know what it named (store) :P

Thats for all,
More info or anything you want us to post please kindly go email us at: ayestyleaffection@gmail.com ^^
Hope you all like it!

Cindy Cnd ❤

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