April 16, 2013

Ready to flow

That day (14 Apr) I was supposed to go to church on Sunday 1 o'clock, but unfortunately it was cancelled -_- Cause the driver that was supposed to pick me and my brother up cant come, due to smthn else. Its just so zzz (if you know wht I mean) also you know what I've already woke up at 9, took a shower, ate breakfast, and waiting for like half an hour.

Anyway I need to cheer up, haha so I took some shots of my outfit :p so forget abt my story and let the photos speak.

Whatcha think? is it dress? or probably just top and skirt?
If you guess num2, its correct! haha. Its an orange collar top with a black lace skirt :p
Kind of remind me with petite school girl like :3

You know what, hmm sorry to say but I really forgot where did I bought this outfit from TT.TT

Where did I look -_-
Btw do you realize that you have seen this bag somewhere bfr? well you've probably seen them here ;)
Noww let me tell you a secret, the reason why the photos are a bit blurry cause I took it without timer (awesome -_-) Idk where's the timer on my tab and I'm lazy to ask somebody to help me took a picture haha

QOTD: No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each day thankful for it.
Well you dont know maybe there're peoples outhere trying to survive and cant do anything, but you're here and enjoying your lovely day so dont forget to..

Always be thankful! xx
Fenny Valentine

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