April 8, 2013

A place to go

 What day when I went to this place hmm.. sorry I forgot it teehee :p however I took some photos

The Laguna resort and spa beach view
Sunbathing tourists

Beach view + relaxing and cozy atmosphere + soothing music = da besttt! lol

Bfr that I'm so sorry I forgot to take photo of the ice cream bfr I ate it ><
Pistachio flavor
Black forest flavor
Wine cellar
There're tea-time snacks too, like macaroons, cupcakes, shortcake, etc

My tosca Furla bag

The squirrel
 Do you know its not that easy as it seems when I took photo of the squirrel? It keeps moving and jumping to the other branch of trees -_- and the restaurant roof

Beautiful place isn't it? anyway if there's anything you want to ask or tell us abt dont hesitate to comment below or email: ayestyleaffection@gmail.com

Inhale and exhale love! xx
Fenny Valentine

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