April 19, 2013

Diet recipe?

-eat like a queen in the morning, eat like a rich people in the afternoon, and eat like beggar in the night. -

Have you guys ever heard that word before? If you have then you know where are those words from.

Yes, it is from Dream High. Korean's drama.

So talking about diet i am very inspired.
Some people does not have a good confidence as the others.
As well as i may say, you always wanna have diet.

Actually from what i've heard and seen, some of you think that diet need sacrifices.

I disagree with that. If you wanna have diet, then all you need to do is having fun. Enjoy the things you eat.

Heres some tips i wanna give you guys.

1. In the morning eat properly like breads. Pancakes, waffles and others also drink a very relaxing cup of tea or milk. It is very guarantee. (Please dont skip this one. Breakfast is very important.)

Did you guys know? Eating eggs in the morning helps your brain concentrate more. So sandwich is good also.

2. In the afternoon all you eat for lunch is very important. It gives you energy when you do some things. (So eating lunch with lots of amount is actually important and definitely better not to be skipped.)

Basically, lunch is your last rice/junkfood/food you are goin to eat.

3. In the night all you need to do is just eat fruits. And if you really are hungry milk might help. Please the lowfat (if you can) i know it taste weird but you need effort for diets.

 Warning: last dinner should be at 5 or 6 o clock. Eating breads like brownies is very not recommended. It contains lots of sugars.

I tried this diet recipe of mine and do some exercises also and lost 3-4kg in 5-6months.
From 53kg until 49kg.

And i very recommend for you guys to drink mineral water instead of vitamin water, coke, and others that are the same kind.

Hehe, enjoy!! :)

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With love,
Delicia Christabell xoxo

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