April 12, 2013

Mantain your skin face

What's your purpose to try or use a face mask? well I think its a good thing to make sure to always take good care of your skin. Sometimes give it a break from your everyday makeup off from your face and maybe a little treat for your beautiful skin ;)

Above there're 3 face mask, these masks have diffent function too. The small one and only is made from somekind pearl (the sachet says) is use too make your skin brighter and remove dullness, the 2 others are the same one, from green tea & barley its for whitening too.
FYI, I think Bali became hotter these days. The sun always shining brightly and my skin tend to look more dull so to try a whitening mask wont be wrong right?

Before applying any face mask, it is important that you know your skin type. Once you know what skin type you have, you can choose the mask that best suits you. For instance a dry skin type would use a mask that hydrates and moisturizers, while an oily skin type may choose a mask that extracts excess oil from the skin.

Kind of scary when you put it on your face, lol

Types & uses:
(source, yahoo.com)
  • Radiance mask and luster and glow to lifeless, dull skin. They use vitamins and light diffuses to add glow. Radiance masks moisturize and tone the skin to give a more youthful appearance.
  • Hydrating masks moisturize the skin. A hydrating mask is meant to hydrate the skin by restoring natural oils. Hydrating masks are recommended for those with dry skin.
  • Clay and Mud masks are best suited for oily skin. They dry in a short period of time and are considered a detoxifying mask. Clay and mud masks open the pores and remove blackheads. In addition they absorb excess oil in the skin which is known to cause pimples and acne. After the mask has dried, rinse with cool water and scrub the mask off your face. Your skin will be free of dirt and excess oil and as an added bonus circulation is improved too.
  • Peel-off masks are usually gel-based. These masks are set to lighten the skin by closing open pores and smoothing out the skin. The mask dries and then is peeled off when dry. Peel masks get rid of blackheads, dead skin cells and facial hair to.
  • Firming masks are usually gel or cream form. Firming masks do just as the name implies, it firms and tightens the skins surface. They are massaged into the contours of the face where elasticity is lost. Firming masks are usually used as an anti-aging anti-wrinkle masks as they tighten and firm the skin. 
If you prefer facial mask for your skin, its the same I think, but I prefer face mask. Cause sometimes it tends to get messier when I use facial mask.

Steps to apply facial mask: 
  1. Wash the face with a cleanser - better with warm water to open up the pores
  2. Apply the facial mask - pat onto the face, carefully avoid the eyes and lips
  3.  Wait and relax- leave the mask on for however long the package says, normally around 15-20 minutes
  4. Remove the facial mask - wash it off using warm water, be sure all of it is removed, then to close pores by splashing your face with cold water
Tips for face mask or facial mask:
  • Do not talk, move your face, or pick at the mask with your fingers, as it will crack the mask.
  • Remove the mask immediately with warm water if it gets in your eyes or your face is itchy.
  • Do not apply the mask too thickly, or it will not dry
So has anyone ever tried to use a face mask or facial mask bfr? or make it by yourself?
 Maybe next time I'll post how to make your DIY homemade face mask or scrub, hehe
What's your fav face mask? tell me by comment below :)

Inhale and exhale love! xx
Fenny Valentine

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