April 21, 2013

Natural Teen

Sooooo alot of you guys have been using wayyyy heavy make up these days.

And that reminds me as a teenager, we need our inner beauty to shine and also stop using too much of eyeliners.

Actually, without those things you can always look good.

The other day i went to beachwalk with my sissy and i actually dont really like using heavy make up that will ruin my face without daily treatment.

So to you guys who really loves using make up, theres absolutely nothing wrong with it.

But sometimes when we took off our make up, our face will looked like its totally pale.

So today im goin to post on how to put light make up, simple, easy and not really need those daily treatment.

I sometimes use a bb cream to freshen up my face that looks soooo pale.

The bb cream i'm using is etude's.
And also i add a very thin eyeliner.
(If you ask me i rather use a pencil / pen eyeliner size 0.5 mm -> if you can use with a normal size then its ok.)

So the trick is very simple.

1. Put on the bb cream.

2. Use a powder if you want or just continue by using the eyeliner. All you need to do on this section is just make a thin eyeliner with sharp shape on the end.

3. Use a blush on.

4. Use the sparkling (uncolour) blush on.

5. Finally, use the lipgloss!! Mine is from MAC. (Final touch).

So heres some of my picture when i went to beachwalk and some of the cloths details!

Eyeliner: maybelline.
Blush on: The Body Shop.
sparkling (uncolour) blush on: lily cole - the body shop.
Lipgloss: MAC.
Bb cream: Etude's.
Top: forever 21.
Skirt: @rapswardrobe (ig).

I'm sorry if you cant see my eyeliner clearly, its because i wore it for hours.
Its good cause its water proof and long lasting.

More info or anything you want us to post please kindly go email us at: ayestyleaffection@gmail.com

With love,
Delicia Christabell xoxo

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