April 27, 2013

The way we eat

Now there're so many concept of eating healthy that can make body healthrier and reduced weight.
One of them is called Food Combining! Its a diet trend these days.
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Diet Trend: Food Combining
-For weight and health
Food combining is one of diet concept that was introduced by Dr. William Howard Hay from US. At first he try this method by himself to reduce his own weight. Further research, if we use this method correctly it can free us from severe disease.
Food combining concept has a fact that in every food group has it own digest time. Cause if we consume one food group, nutrients can be absorbed better.
-Food group
 Food combining diet don't suggest us to eat rice, side dishes, vegetable, and fruit at once on 1 meal. Cause every food group that has to digest need different enzymes.
Dr. Stanley Bass suggest to eat food that contains lots of water first (water, fruits, etc) then continue to eat the other food.
-Let's combine
If you want to try food combining, we can try some simple combinations that have been recommended by experts.
1. Eat fruits 2 hours bfr your meal
2. Dont combine high minerals fruits like melon or watermelon with other fruits like banana or papaya
3. Eat rice and meat alternately, its says to better eat meat first then rice or potato
4. Say goodbye to sweet dessert, better to eat dessert as a snack
 Because the main concept of food combining is to make it easier for the process of digestion, so its required for us to chew food thoroughly bfr swallowed it.

Do you think when we want to go on a diet, we should probably stop or change the foods that we consume?
Bfr buy everything that has label "no fat, less sugar, no calories, healthy", its better to set a preview of what's the benefits of the foods that we eat.

Maybe we're wrong for all this time and our weight could gain more and more, oh noo!
(source: kawankumagz.com)

1. Sushi
Stop eating burger and go for sushi? its not correct at all! cause the reason that in every serving of sushi has, rice, salmon, and seaweed can contains 120 calories. When there's extra cream cheese, mayonnaise, etc sushi can contains 500 calories per serving. Same calories as BigMac McDonald's. If you want to stay healthy go for plain sashimi without any mayo or sauce instead.

2. Frozen yoghurt
It looks so good o_o
Change your habit by eating frozen yoghurt rather than ice cream, its not good when you're on diet. I read that ice cream and frozen yoghurt has the same kind of nutrions. So if you want to diet, try to decreased the portion on every serving. Eat half cup of ice cream is more satisfiying than one full cup of frozen yoghurt.

3. Free fat flavour yoghurt
I've tried blackcherry flavor once ^^
Try to drink yoghurt instead of milk is a good choice for your digestion but not if you want to reduce your weight. Cause "free fat" yoghurt flavor has a high sugar content in it. Fatty doesn't make you fat but can cause a weight gain. So if you want to change the habit by drinking yoghurt its better to choose a plain yoghurt. If you want it to have fruit flavor, just some slice fresh fruits and add into your yoghurt :p

4. Fruit cocktail
If you drink fruit cocktail instead of soda, its the right option and healthier. But unfortunately it just the same as other can beverages. In one glass of fruit cocktail it contains 110 calories and 26g of sugar. So its better to make your own fruit juice or eat fresh fruit straighly.

5. Dried fruit
I dont like raisins >.<
To equalize the fiber your body need maybe some of us think to consume dried fruit. However it contains much sugar and sulphur. Sugar and sulphur are chemicals that make dried fruit last longer. So for the best its better to eat fresh fruit such ad banana or apple. Cause dried fruit contains 3 times sugar more than fresh fruit.

6. Organic snacks
I tried apple snacks bfr but I prefer to eat fresh apple directly :3
Nowdays there're many markets that sell glutten free or organic snacks. For organic food like vegetable or fruit it is better than non-organic. But for packaged snack, food that're labelled glutten free or organic doesn't guarantee if its healthy or not.

 Always be thankful! xx
Fenny Valentine

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