April 1, 2013


Most people ask, what are we without friends?
I think and think more about it and finally I got the answer.

Without friends, we're nothing but a lonely pity person.

When you have problems in life (around school, family, etc), we need friends to share with. We can't forever keep our problems for own without sharing. It just make yourself gain more pain, stuck and could find no way out!

When you have overprotective parents and you can't go chillin with your friends or you're not allowed to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, where do you share all of these problems? Friends.
They will know and understand how does it feels if they're on your position.

When you have bad grades, failed the exam, you feel desperate and afraid to tell your parents about the grades, who gave you a motivation to move and be better? Yes, friends. They will support you anyway!

And when you feel sad and stuck dunno what to do caused by a hard situation or a hard problems, who gave you hugs and said 'everything's gonna be okay' and chill you out? Who feels what you feel and cries together? Best friends do that.

Don't choose the wrong person to be your friends or best friends, they might be betray you and only look for you if only they need something from you.

Best friends take care of you, loves you, feels what you feel, and ready for anytime you want to share things with them.
Love your best friends and friends. Without them, you're nothing but lonely pity person :)

Fenny, Delicia, Felicia

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Lots of love,
Cindy Cnd ❤

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