April 20, 2013

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Thankyouu awesomers (that word exist?) for your views, much lovee!

I want to tell you my excuse, so when this blog reached 1000k viewers I cant post somethin special so now instead of sayin' sorry and else I'll post something differently from any of my previous post, how to rock my cardi but with 2 different style.
How awesome it sounds? lolol XD

1st - Casual and fun

I let my hair down and bring a cardi with me. I read somewhere, cardi/outer might or may be handy whenever you go. Well if the weather gets hot, wear it so you can protect your skin from the sun, if the weather gets windy or cold wear it so you will warm. Fairly efficient yea? 

Give it a try wont you? It can give your whole outfit a plus point too I think. Ex, you want to look different or I called it special, but dont wanna look overdress so my advice is try on an outer that can make add smthn more to your whole look.
Ps. dont forget to make sure your outer is not only stylish but also comfy.

If your bag is too small for your outer then just throw it on your back (then walk like a model, hahaha)
In the past if I go to somewhere cold I'll always tie my jacket around my waist, yea back then but now I think uhh nonono I dont really like it anymore. Idk why haha :p
2nd - Simple and Smart 

Wear your cardi, take off your bracelet, tie your hair, take off the belt, and... here's the look

Maybe this second look is kind of feminine, dont you think so?

For this one, I rolled my cardi sleeves 'till the elbow part. For my hair, well you cant really see my hair but I tied it into a high side bun then wear a headband XD

I changed my pink studded bracelet with this 2 pearl bracelets, yess I think it match with my outfit haha. I also think to wear a necklace, but the less the better right? I dont like complicated or complex looks so I go without any necklace. 
 And when you see this photo, dont you think it looks simplier than the first one?

Girl print top: Brasco - Egoist
Cardi: @deeshoppes (ig)
Pearl bracelets: (mom)
Pink studded bracelet: (gift)
 Headband: Strawberry

Somethin to ask? dont hesitate to comment down below, contact us via twitter, or email us at: ayestyleaffection
Oh and tell me which look do you like more? :D

Just little touch up there, I dont like to wear much make up since my skin tends to get sensitive quickly and we're still young( dont want it to look cakey)! ;) dont use make up too thick. Oftentime, less is more. Well but its your right, and dont forget be gentle.

Well the weather this past week is just so bad and since monday I've caught a flu x_x anyway take care guyss

Byeee and..
Always be thankful! xx
Fenny Valentine

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