May 17, 2013

White and Jeans

Hey yo fellas! How yeur all doin?

Well today imma tell you bout what usually I wear when i'm hang with friends or someone else. Uh, I usually use a simple outfits that match the place where I'd go. So, you can't guess. Lol.

People said (especially my parents, even my dad too!! Am I that terrible?) i'm not good at mix and match clothes. Well I dont think so! that's not true everybody!! Lol. You could say that i'm too confidence, but really, I dont even care. Watch this one out!

Well not. Honestly, I would be GReaT! If.... I got a GReaT body too. Obviously. Huh yeah thats da problem. Poor me. I'm so jealouss with all my besties! Delicia, Fenny, and Felicia. They're just that GReaT!!😉😘

Umm so, yesterday I went shopping with my mum and dad (I think thats okay, right?) I bought some new stuff and yeahh thats my day! I spend aroud IDR 700.000+ for all my new stuff. Huh, i'm gonna bankrupt this month. Lame.

I bought an outer white vest which cost IDR 500.000 --.....-- and also a jeans and long sleeve shirt. Huh lucky me my dad is on his good mood, so he bought me that white vest! So i'm not pay for that vest. Yay! I felt so happy! Lol.

Well, here's the detail 😘
White vest : Stradivarius
Short jeans : New Look
Long sleeve : Surfer Girl

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Lots love!
Cindy Cnd ❤️ 

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