May 24, 2013

Play my side

Yelooww everyone, sorry for not update this blog as usual cause well we ain't got anything to post abt. You know we're in highschool, test and hw keep coming 'till holiday time. Can't wait 'till summer holidayy aight? its always summer here in Bali, haha

I think I won't post much 'till the holiday or aft tht too, cause my mid-term results doesn't come out as good as I expect, but it doesn't so bad too. Anw I think I need to study harder this time, for next week exam. Goodluck to me XD

Sorry there's only 2 photos (lazy to take photos, hehe). 2 weeks ago, I went to Pandawa beach with my cousins. Its kind of crowded on tht Saturday. It was the first time I knew there's a beach called Pandawa but its not so far tho.

@deeshoppes cat ear headband
We order it frm our friend (dewi) her sister and she manage the shop together. As you can tell, so me and delicia got the same headband, lol.
"Rock your own style and dance to your own beat"
Always be yourself! xx
Fenny Valentine

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