July 9, 2013

Bird day? Pssttt.. Birthday!

"A true friend remembers your birthday but not your age." -unknown

So, lemme start with a Hi!
In this post, i'm just goin to tell you a lil sneak peek of my bday dinner and the Surprise my mom, dad, sister and bro did.

Lets start!
First thing first, it was almost 12o'clock.
Andddd my mom (or my dad?-_-) told me to go next door (my aunt's home).

Stupidly, i did.
I went downstairs and followed my sisters. 
And DING DONG 12o'clock.
I was just about to reply Felicia's whatsapp and MY DAD SERIOUSLY SPRAYED ME WITH WATER and what did i do first? PROTECTING MY HELLAAAAAA PHONE!! -_- i felt so stupid.

And i went inside the house and my mom brought the cake.


And so i went to sleep afterwards.
On the next day (basically on the same day but at night-_-)

I invited my friends for a dinner!
Felt so sad that Fenny, Agio and Vicky couldn't come.

Still, the party must go on ;D

Anddddd details about what i wore:

Dress: Topshop.
Wedges: adorable's.

And details about my make up:

Eyeliner: maybelline's gel eyeliner.
Eyeshadow: mac.
Bb cream: etude's.

Sooo anyways sorry for not being active muehee :p
And thanks for the birthday presents guys!

More info or anything you want us to post please kindly go email us at: ayestyleaffection@gmail.com

With love,
Delicia Christabell xoxo

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