July 27, 2013

Where I could be?

Every summer has its own story, but this year its more like a novel -unknown

Do you guys think of smth when you read this post title?
Hehe, cause I'm been lovin' this song by The script - The man who cant be moved, title is frm the lyrics :p if you guys haven't heard of it check this one out.


Sorry different quality with the photos, this shots I got frm my hotel window. The photo was frm different hotels and floor as you can see, the 1st one is more higher than the second.

 Its called Floating market here, you knw why? cause basically the persons who sell foods and drinks are inside of a boat, canoe, or anything else you called.
Surprising part was when I'm here, suddenly there's a strong wind and blow off an umbrella and there's this person who release his/her (I dont see well) grip on the things tht person brough so it all fell to the river. Pity for tht person cause maybe he/she cant sell anything that day.

 Dare to try? bfr you try them atleast try to knw what're them first. Yess particulary these are insects.
Alerrtttt better view of the "cockroach, larva, worm, and everything idk the name" dont puke! hahaha


Night time in thailand, but still many many people shopping and eating everywhere. Cause there some store that tends to open just when its abt midnight.

Holiday have already ended (╥﹏╥) really wish holiday could stay foreverrr especially this year! but it wont happen ofc, lol anw make your time worth it everyday so on the future you wont look back and say"if only.." so wise of me right?

Enjoy your holiday! oops I mean school xx
Fenny Valentine

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