July 6, 2013

One hectic day

Hello guys long time no news from me? teehee. If you followed me on my instagram, you guys would hv probably know where me and my family been to this summer vacation!
Before I talk too much lets see some snaps that I got ;)

Introduce "sushi express"
Located at Citylink mall, the place was so crowded and we have to stand in line to wait and get to our table. We refuse to queue and decided to shopping or just window shopping, haha then came back and luckily we dont have to wait to get to our table directly (woohoo!)

Wait for me to finish it up first then take photo cant you, lol XD btw as you can see its not just me who ate all of it, I mean ofc you guys know that there's someone sit infront of me. Just sayin'

We planned bfr that we must take some shots with the famous "Merlion", but we're tiredd as heck aft walking around the mall for like ...hours (idk hmm, more than 3, hehe) we agree to take the shots frm afar is enough.

I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a ferris wheel - E.B White
I tell you a fact, well I'm kind of afraid when I ride a ferris wheel but I love it (as if that makes sense, but you know) maybe I have acrophobia hmm..

Dragonfly Lake is between Marina bays sands and the Supertrees in Gardens by the bay

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Ps, I turn this post into 2 parts, see you on the next post!
I have had a holiday, and I'd like to take it up professionally - Kylie Minogue
I-N-S-O-M-N-I-A! yeaa I made and publish this post at 2am -___-

Enjoy your holiday! xx
Fenny Valentine

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