July 20, 2013

Next task called

 Yellooww guisee~
So lets see what I had for this post kay..

As you can tell, I'm at Garden by the bay Flower dome, you have to pay the admission fee to enter though. Dont worry it dont cost tht much ;) its aircon and there're flowers everywhere infront of you and your very own eyes and many beautiful spots to take photos, believe me its worth it.

Excuse me for wearing just flipflops :] I changed my flats cause its not comfortable enough for a whole day walking around sg.

Welcome to Cloud forest! same thing I'm still at GBTB and same you hv to pay to enter this so-called-forest. Anw its so cold there, brrr~ lol kidding" not tht way.

Story? my brother been missing there -_- just wth I walk around and around again and again just to search for him and you know wht.. he's at the exit door texting or whatever he did, zzz.
Whats the story behind it? so we went to floor 7 or 8 (?) we looked forward to try walking around Cloud walk, but since I'm too scared, me and my mom went back down >< and go different way with him and poof! he's gone disappear. Lmfao!

Looks slightly slant?
Ferris wheel has always be my favorite ride beside roller coaster, it feels so dreamy and.. (cant came up with any words ._. hmm) I just love it that much. Will tell you abt my experience on a ferris wheel at Medan on the next or next or next post, haha! so see you :D
Enjoy your holiday! xx
Fenny Valentine

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