March 11, 2013

A trip to Malaysia

Malaysia's a really nice place to go.
A lot of delicious food also.
But this country is not far different from indonesia (you dont say).

I went to malaysia a few days ago and....
Lot of things happened.
Okay so, im going to tell you guys abt the bad day i had in one day!!

So, i was going to genting that day, because i really wanna play on the resort world.
I didnt go with a car, i wanted to go by the sky train.
It took about 15 minutes and it cost only $5 (ringgit).
I was very thrilled. The queue was also very very longggg!!!
It took about 30minutes before i even get to the sky train, i think.

After i get in into the skytrain, i saw the view, enjoying the moment.. It was very nice.

But then after few minutes! Suddenly, my sky train and the others stop!
We all was shocked!
And some helicopter came and lighten up
My skytrain..... They said "terrorist over there come out, RIGHT NOW!"

I was very shock and....
I was kidding lol! Anyway after we all shocked, the skytrain stuck.
We wait for 7minutes until it stuck for the 2nd time.

But then it works again and we all reach genting safely.

Anyways i stayed at alpha genesis hotel.
Not very recommended cause the electricity's not working perfectly, breakfast not much.
But worth to try if you're only staying for 1-2 days.

And i went to Petronas twin tower also.

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With love,
Delicia Christabell xoxo

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