March 21, 2013

Nyepi day in Bali

Alright fellas, yesterday was the 'Nyepi day' in Bali. Nyepi day is a silent day where all the people are not allowed to turn on the light for one whole day. So, in that case there's no light or TV channel and no one is allowed to go outside (except for the balinese and for who want to see the parade).

And also the balinese made a statue called 'ogoh-ogoh'. It has been a tradition for a long time. They believe that bad influence come in to the statue. They burn it first and then they throw it to the sea.

Well yesterday, I stayed at a hotel named The Mulia Hotel & Resort (because it'll be boring to stay at home). Its a hotel with amazing interior design and structure that makes us wanna stay even longer!

The foods in the restaurant named 'The Cafe' are super delicious! There are foods from every single country and you could taste them all one by one! Its a 'all you can eat' restaurant. So, you could eat as much as you want. But better not too much to embarrased yourself, lol!

The room was super cozy. I'm stayed at a twin bed room and I love it so much. There's two comfortable beds and super classy bathroom. It has a big bathtub and standing shower inside that we can choose. Also there's an automatic closet. Wow, super classy!

Well, if you're a swimmer (like me), you guys don't need to worry! There's so many pools inside that you could enjoy. My favourite one was the beach front pool. So while swimming or having a tea time, we can enjoy the beautiful view too!

Well I think that's all that I can share with you guys. Hope you'll like it!

Cindy Cnd ❤

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