March 10, 2013

Everyday uniform?

Your school and the others may have one little or big different (it depends) on the school uniform you wear every school week. For the start, because Indonesia weather is very very hot (you don't say) we always have white short sleeves shirt with brown line for the outer line, maybe I'll show you our school uniform sometime near ;) but for now let's see what other school have.

 Above there are 2 photos or images asian with their uniforms. White long shirt, grey vest, black or checkered tie, black trousers for boys, black or checkered skirt for girls, black mid calf socks, and to complete that school outfits black polished shoes.

The main colour for the uniform usually decided by your school. On the other hand, there are black or blue here (from the photos) and I think other else it's just as the same as before, just more formal this time.

For a country or city that has more seasons, usually there are two uniforms for summer and fall (?) idk for sure, hehe sorry ><

Btw there are many various uniform style from movie, drama, or anywhere else, so moving on let's see

 Simple with little colour from your shoes and socks. To add more fun there're things you need to look over:

1. Hair styles

 Your hairstyles can really affect your whole packaged school uniforms looks. There's curly hair or straight hair, long or short hair, black or any other colors hair, tie your hair or leave it fall to your shoulder.

2. Bags
I read somewhere that you can spice up or looks better by just changes your bag (colour). In this drama one of the actor was found with this colorful bag that match his personality, stylish and fancy style. On the other side the actress was show off her looks with a red bright colors backpack and from her bag choice we know, she's a young high school girl with bright and cheerful personality.
For a calm, smart and simple looks, I recommend to use a neutrals colors bag. To reflect your personality, use an eye-cathing bag with patterns, it's up to you.

3. Be creative

Well idk if all school would let students to change their uniforms a little but anyway don't every students love it if teachers or their school let them to be creative with their own uniforms?

4. Make up and Accessories

Eyeliner, lip balm, headband, bracelet, necklace, earrings, watch, ring would be lovely. One thing that you should always pay attention is don't ever wear or use it too much, cause you're going to school, but I think my school don't let us wear make up and too much accessories (sadly).

5. Add something that can show your personality
Looks? Simple, lovely, cute, stylish, cool, smart, mature style. All up to you guys! Sometimes I wonder maybe it'd be cool if we can wear whatever we want to school, but still suitable for school.
Ps. do you notice I use dream high, playfull kiss, and legally blonde images? Love the movie or drama, recommended XD

Stay awesome! xx
Fenny Valentine

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