March 30, 2013


So here i am guys! Back from malaysia and went to singapore also.
So the other day i told you guys about my bad day in malaysia. Now, i'm just goin to tell you guys about my journey at singapore.
So it was the 2nd day in singapore, i went to Universal Studio.
The last time i went there i didnt play everything. So, when i went there the other day, playing everything is the absolute deal lol.
I played all the galacticas, mummy, cyclone, transformer, elmo's spaghetti space travel, madagascar, shrek and many more!!
It was fun and had to ride em all over and over again.
I also took lot of pictures with the cosplay's people.

I met betty boop, marilyn, woody, elmo, and more! It was so much fun!!
Heres some pict below these caption ;)
Anyway i stayed at Ruby Fragrance hotel.
Not so good, not very recommended also but worth to try.
Its pretty dangerous also because the location is in Geylang Lorong 20.
FYI, its a red light district.
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With love,
Delicia Christabell xoxo

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