March 28, 2013

That Sunday☺

After church 2 weeks ago, me and family (and family friends) went to eat lunch and walked around deserted mall. Its boring just wasting time though. Above are the photos from a ordinary clothes store, there're maroon color sofa and cute devil cushions XD hmm, is there the angel one somewhere? but we dont but anything, the stuff wasn't very good.

Then we went to "Sakura" its a electronics and dvds store. The dvds sections is at second floor ad that day it was unexpectedly crowded. On normal day we'd choose dvds then wait to test the dvds work or not but we pass, there're too much people queuing.

Just a few dvds I bought, well there're more btw. Do you want me to write the dvds review? :p I have watched Pitch perfect 2 times bfr but thought if I want to watch it again, yeaa I love it that much! haha waiting for the part2 as well.

UK Top: Store in Surabaya
Blue Highwaist Pants: Zara woman
Bag: Juicy Couture
Cross Necklace: Online shop (FB)

Stay awesome! xx
Fenny Valentine

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