March 25, 2013

My outgoing fashion style

Soooo, guys below these captions are my outgoing fashion style that you might wanna try.

So i wore a dress coloured black and white.
I bought this dress at singapore, i forgot the store's name but its in bugis street.

You can use this dress to go to a party or when you're just hanging out at a mall.

If you're the kind of tomboy-ish girl you may wanna use legging or jegging, both are fine.
You can use those to add more coolness and sexiness to your outfit.

BUT if you're the kind of dont care and more feminine, then you might dont wanna use legging or jegging, just the dress is okay.

You can wear a necklace or even bracellets just like what i wear.
I wear the simple necklace because i think my dress is croud enough, dont you think so? hehe.

So please enjoy and also comment! :)

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With love,
Delicia Christabell xoxo


  1. cantik del~ fotonya gedein aja del biar kelihatan bajunya :D

    1. thankyouu trisna, iya nanti di cb gedein :3 hehe